Welcome to the Photonics Group of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Our group was established in 2002. Research is mainly conducted in the areas of nanophotonics, plasmonics, photonic integrated circuits in silicon, micro-structured optical fibers and liquid crystals photonics.


Recent Conference Presentations



Electro-optic phase modulators based on
transparent-conducting-oxide loaded silicon waveguides

Presented at the 14th International Conference on Group IV Photonics
in Berlin (Germany), 23-25 August, 2017

Download Poster (PDF, 2.5MB)




Modeling Nonlinear Resonators Comprising
Graphene: A Coupled Mode Theory Approach

Presented at the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) 
in San Jose (USA), 14-19 May, 2017

Download Presentation (PDF, 2.9MB)




Optical Bistability and Self-Pulsation with 
Long-Range Hybrid Plasmonic Disk Resonators

Presented at the 24th International Workshop on Optical Wave & Waveguide Theory and Numerical Modelling (OWTNM) 
in Warsaw (Poland), 20-21 May, 2016

Download Presentation (PDF, 2.1MB)



Transparent Conducting Oxide Electro-Optic Modulators: 
A Comprehensive Study based on the Drift-Diffusion
Semiconductor Model

Presented at the 18th European Conference on Integrated Optics (ECIO)
in Warsaw (Poland), 18–20 May, 2016

Download Presentation (PDF, 3.6MB)


MOCAST 2016  

Carrier-Controlled Nanophotonic Components for Routing and Modulation Operations

Presented at the 5th International Conference on
Modern Circuits and Systems Technologies (MOCAST)
in Thessaloniki (Greece), 12–14 May, 2016

Download Presentation (PDF, 3.85MB)



A Strict Framework for
Analyzing Linear and Nonlinear Propagation
in Photonic and Terahertz Graphene Waveguides 

Presented at the 17th International Conference
on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON)
in Budapest (Hungary), 5-9 July, 2015

Download Presentation (PDF, 5.3MB)



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